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Unified Communications Week in Review: Polycom, Mitel, Metaswtich, Broadvoice & More

March 26, 2016

Advances in cloud development and virtualization technology are bringing innovative communication and collaboration tools to market. This was one of the primary trends illustrated in Unified Communications news this week, and with the weekend upon us there is no better time than the present to take a look at the week that was: time for the Week in Review!

The benefits from a UC deployment are clear, but adoption is being hindered by legacy investments, noted TMC’s Tracey Schelmetic. A recent report from Osterman Research presented some eye-opening results as to why this is, and what to expect. Everything you need to know can be found HERE.

As Polycom and Mitel move closer to a merger, the industry is watching and waiting to see the result. Speculation of the move began in October, and while the two combined have an arsenal of legacy products both have pivoted focus toward research and development in one area: Unified Communications. Only time will tell how this turns out; stay tuned as this is certainly a developing story.  Tara Seals’ complete analysis is HERE.

The cloud was once an unclear proposition, whereas today development in the cloud sandbox is coming at a fever pitch. This week TMC awarded Zultys Cloud Services with a 2106 Unified Communications Product of the Year award. Zultys Cloud Services provide a completely cloud-based office phone solution that is feature rich and flexible. Steve Anderson’s full report is HERE.

Speaking of innovation, this week Broadvoice and Metaswitch announced a partnership to further development in NFV for the delivery of cloud UC services. The UC market is evolving, and NFV is playing a key role in this transformation. The two firms are working together to provide a virtualized solution to deliver a next generation communication solution. Laura Stotler’s complete article is HERE.

Remember to stop by early and often for your fill of all things unified communications. See you next week!

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