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Zultys Cloud Services Lands Product of the Year Award

March 22, 2016

Award-winning products often spark feelings of safety and security for users; if a product has won an award, clearly someone must think highly of it. That's the kind of boost that Zultys is likely to get with the news that it's taken home a 2016 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award from TMC.

Zultys Cloud Services is an office phone solution that's completely cloud-hosted, thus allowing users easy access to it from just about anywhere with a proper Internet connection. Not only is the system readily deployed, it's also packing a complete range of options. Available with Zultys Cloud Service include many of the tools needed for an omnichannel contact system, including voice, fax, voice mail, instant messaging and more. Contact center tools are also included, along with an automatic call recording system which may well be the most powerful of all the tools on hand. There are even mobile considerations here, as the system includes Zultys Mobile Communicator for iPhone and Android. Rounding out the system is the MXIE UC Desktop Client and a conferencing bridge.

Those interested in getting in on the action have several options, and will have several more to follow. Zultys offers its tools through several channel partners, and has recently stepped up its search for more Master Agent operatives via an expanded Agent program. With this kind of sales force, Zultys is well on its way to achieving what chief sales and marketing officer Steven Francis describes as “...the solution that can be tailored to meet the demands of any user....”

As to why Zultys took home the award, TMC CEO Rich Tehrani called particular attention to Zultys Cloud Services' “ingenuity and excellence”, noting that Zultys Cloud Services was both “innovative” and “groundbreaking.”

There's plenty of value on hand in such a service, and being able to offer a product that allows for so many different ways to make contact has a great market potential. With an increasing push toward omnichannel access, and customers increasingly desirous of a way to make contact aside from phone and email, having a system in hand that will address several other ways can be helpful. Throw in the benefits for a mobile workforce as well as the increasing availability of it—and don't forget that innovation, ingenuity, excellence and groundbreaking nature—and it's a recipe for success.

Better communications are important to any business, whether internally or externally focused. That means a need for better communications tools, and since Zultys has taken home some major honors already, that should put it near the top of anyone's list looking for upgrades.