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Metaswitch's Accession Suite Adds Conferencing Edge

February 17, 2016

There's good news for those who turn to Metaswitch's Accession suite of unified communications (UC) tools, as the already-impressive package now offers options for video and Web-based conferencing thanks to a little support from Zoom Video Communications. This, naturally, will give users a much better way to stay connected, without having to switch tools in mid-stream.

With the Zoom platform integrated into Accession, users get access to not only cloud-based video conferencing, but also the ability to conduct small-scale meetings online—reports suggest video and Web conferencing for up to 50 users is on hand—as well as carry out some group messaging options. That's a great addition, and Accession itself offers some powerful benefits for its user base. With Accession Communicator, users can bring in instant messaging and voice tools, along with presence tools, and even integration with some apps.

Metaswitch turned to Zoom, according to Metaswitch's senior director of product marketing Chris Carabello, mainly for its substantial feature set, as well as its “...commitment to technical excellence and industry-leading quality.” Already, some users have brought the new package into play, like Serveurcom, whose CEO Damien Watine called Accession “...incredibly easy to deploy and support,” also noting that it brought in several new revenue streams for the company, along with a wide variety of satisfied customers. Metaswitch will even be offering a webinar on March 1 about how service providers can use tools like Metaswitch's line to drive further revenue opportunities in cloud-based unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) systems.

Metaswitch's new additions will likely be helpful in making sure that customers continue to turn to the company for UC and communications options. By adding a video conferencing service, it helps ensure that customers won't be turning elsewhere to get a service that more and more firms are demonstrating a need for. That protects the company down the line—a measure often called “future-proofing”—and helps ensure that those who are customers today will still be customers down the line. Plus, it improves the odds that the current customer base will serve as a reason for those not already customers to get in on the action. No business wants to lose a potential competitive edge, or worse, allow a competitor to have one unanswered. So companies will often add technology just to “keep up with the Joneses”, so to speak, and that means opportunity for Metaswitch.

Metaswitch isn't just offering high-end UC material today, it's making sure that its UC material will be high-end tomorrow, too. That's a comforting thought for Metaswitch customers, and one that's likely to keep it near the top of the heap for some time to come.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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