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Avaya & WBL Supply Robust Communications for Super Bowl

February 05, 2016

Needless to say, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year and this year’s venue — Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, CA — requires a massive communications infrastructure to ensure the game/media event runs smoothly. This game marks the sixth year that communications technology specialists Avaya and WBL Services will collaborate on providing the stadium’s communications overlay.

In order to meet the challenge of supplying reliable and efficient communications for such a high-demand situation, the two companies needed to effectively layer modern IP telephony capabilities over the existing legacy technologies. A secondary goal is prevention of potential issues or disruptions, such as the infamous power outage during the 2013 game. The communications overlay must be able to comprehensively support communications of incremental importance, such as those between players and coaches, coaches and analysts, field officials and the box, the box and the press and the press and fans. Enabling these many avenues of communications is of course a massive undertaking, one that these two companies were clearly not afraid to tackle.

Conveniently, Avaya Stadium is a soccer stadium sponsored by the company located only six miles away from Levi’s Stadium; the facility will be used as a communications hub for the big game as well as support for the many festivities around the Bay Area happening on the days leading up to it. In addition to serving as a sort of command center, the hub will feature a call center supported by the company’s robust infrastructure already in place at the site. Avaya is fostering eighteen mobile communication-enabled engagement locations in the surrounding area, and the company’s solutions will support communications for 5,000 credentialed members of the press as well as the official teams’ hosting facilities.

When watching the Big Game, keep in mind that the (hopefully) flawless logistics of the event and the nationwide media frenzy surrounding it would not be possible without an immense effort on the part of Avaya and WBL. Luckily all of their work will have a lasting impact: Levi’s Stadium management specifically requested that the infrastructure be implemented in a way that is permanent so that future events can similarly benefit from it. The entire communications overlay took less than a week to install and is comprised of almost ten miles of cable with support for 1,700 endpoints.

“Avaya's heritage in innovating flexible, mobile communications technologies that bring businesses closer to its customers while fostering tight collaboration with colleagues dovetails nicely with the world of live sports and entertainment,” commented David Chavez, Vice President and CTO of Architecture and Consulting at Avaya. “We've seen this throughout our work with other major events like the Sochi Olympics and past Big Games, as well as at major venues like the Bell Centre and of course, Avaya Stadium. Our goal in working with major events and venues like these is to drive the ultimate fan engagement experience, which we are sure Big Game 50 will not fall short on.”

Happy Super Bowl!

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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