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Mobile UC: The Equalizer for Small Business

December 22, 2015

When it comes to technology, small businesses had to settle for less than the best available product in the market place. This gave large enterprises a clear advantage when it came to accessing these resources and improving the overall operations of their organization. The recent development in information and communications technology (ICT) has forever changed the playing field. Today, even the smallest of businesses can access enterprise grade technology, and mobile unified communications (UC) is one of the equalizers that is readily available for everyone.

If there is one thing small businesses need is the flexibility to quickly adapt to their market conditions. In the past, their size locked them into contracts that made it difficult to break. However, in today’s highly adaptive and pay as you go market, small businesses have the flexibility to address their technological need almost instantly, no matter what type of scale is needed.

Mobile UC is a communications platform that lets the employees and other assets of SMBs connect, collaborate and engage seamlessly. This capability increases overall productivity by making employees and the resources they need accessible anytime. Being able to manage their assets in this way means SMBs can hold meetings remotely, have employees work from anywhere, hire talent from different locations and more. And the good news is, these and other features are more affordable than ever.

While there are many benefits in deploying the right UC solution, effective adoption of the technology can be challenging. If SMBs don’t train their workforce to use the technology properly, it will not deliver the full potential. Additionally, the changing demographic of the workforce now demands the deployment of mobile UC and other innovative IT solutions.

According to a recent Wainhouse report, titled “The Collaborative Enterprise: How enterprises are adapting to support the modern meeting,” by 2020 millenials will form 50 percent of the workforce. And this group, more than any other, is using these technologies in their personal and work lives to communicate and collaborate.

The report went on to say, “The once powerful “lone wolf” individual contributor has gone the way of the dinosaur.  Today’s workers rely increasingly on collaboration to accomplish their objectives as the process achieves better outcomes and is more fulfilling.  Collaboration has become the new normal.”

Small businesses can now eliminate the barriers of the past when it comes to IT solutions. With mobile UC, they can now bring anyone and everyone together and tackle the task at hand.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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