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How Online Dating Teaches Useful Business Skills

December 21, 2015

Millennials now represent the largest segment of the working-age population, and it also is the largest age group using online dating sites; this age group has grown up around dating sites such as OKCupid and others, and online dating is now the norm for finding partners.

These two trends can come together because effective business requires many of the same skills needed to succeed at online dating. Millennials and anyone who has tried their hand at online dating can use their dating experience to improve their business communications.

For instance, assertiveness is important when it comes to online dating. There are so many potential candidates to choose from, standing out requires being assertive or someone else will get chosen. This is the same in business; if you don’t ask for what you want and make sure you get on the radar of customers and partners, you’ll get lost in the shuffle.

A second lesson from online dating that is applicable to business communications is the ability to handle rejection.

As all of us unfortunately know, rejection is a part of dating. Those of us who succeed at it know that there will be no success without first facing several rounds of rejection as we find the right person. The same is true for business. If we don’t handle rejection well, we won’t make the sale or be willing to throw out the new ideas that help us advance in our careers. We won’t always succeed, but putting ourselves out there and being able to survive rejection is a crucial component of business success.

Good listening skills also are important. Many a promising date has been spoiled by the inability to listen to the other person at the dinner table and actually hear their concerns and life story. The same is true in business. If we’re not listening, we won’t hear what our customers and our bosses need and want. If we don’t listen, we won’t hear the feedback we need to improve and respond to market trends. If we don’t listen, we’ll be out of touch and not rise to meet our business goals.

Finally, online dating also can show us that we need a multipronged approach to connecting with others. With online dating, this means that we must use a combination of online chat, SMS, call and meetups in person if we want success. In business, this means we need to support multiple communication channels since our customers are partners often have different ways they need to connect. A good unified communications solution and business tools that support that, such as Jabra Bluetooth headsets and UC-enabled phones, help reach that goal.

There are many similarities between online dating and business. Good thing Millennials know a thing or two about modern dating.

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