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Blue Jeans 3.0 Addresses Control, Ease of Use, ROI

November 11, 2015

Blue Jeans Network today formally unveiled release 3.0 of its videoconferencing solution.

With this release, Blue Jeans outfits IT staffers with centralized control and tools to measure the return on investment companies are realizing by using this offering. Blue Jeans 3.0 also has a new interface that allows end users to connect with the devices and media types of their choice. Integrations with learning management system Canvas and unified communications aggregation hub Slack are also important components of Blue Jeans 3.0, explains Joan Fazio, senior director of product marketing. (Blue Jeans’ has existing integrations with Salesforce Chatter, Microsoft Outlook Add-In and Google Calendar Extension.)

“Improving the customer experience and measuring that ROI and ultimately having the end users consume Blue Jeans in their regular workflows” are what 3.0 brings to the table, Fazio says.

Blue Jeans was established in 2009 to deliver real-time HD quality video. In 2012 the company was the first to connect room-based videoconferencing systems to browsers. And in December the company unveiled Blue Jeans Primetime, an interactive online events service that connects thousands of participants through large-scale broadcasting and video collaboration. The company, which in September announced more than $76 million in new funding, has more than 5,000 customers.

“The Blue Jeans service is used by more than 25 million participants worldwide.  As we grow and penetrate new lines of business, we want to ensure that we not only meet the administrative needs of the IT organization, but that we delight the end-user with ease of use, functionality, and high quality video,” said Stu Aaron, chief commercial officer of Blue Jeans Network. “To that end, we have tuned up our interface with a sleek, modern design, enhanced the service with new features, and added integrations to optimize the user experience.”

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