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MegaPath Becomes First VoIP and UC Company to Partner with Bigleaf Networks

November 09, 2015

A new partnership has been forged between service provider MegaPath and Bigleaf Networks, a provider of an intelligent networking service. The alliance is significant in that MegaPath is the first VoIP and unified communications (UC) company to partner with Bigleaf.

MegaPath has joined the Bigleaf Cloud Assurance Partner Program, designed to help partners’ cloud apps achieve peak performance. Bigleaf’s service helps optimize Internet and cloud performance by dynamically selecting the best connection bath based on real-time usage and diagnostic statistics. The service will ensure both companies’ customers experience high quality voice, data and cloud services.

“As a member of the Cloud Assurance program, MegaPath will expand its performance monitoring and QoS optimization service offerings with Bigleaf’s plug-and-play network architecture that instantly improves access to all cloud services for an improved user experience,” said Kurt Hoffman, president of MegaPath. “Businesses that rely on MegaPath for business-critical VoIP and unified communications can enjoy an added measure of confidence knowing that they have extensive visibility into carrier connectivity issues that may impact application performance, combined with the intelligence to adapt and optimize in real time.”

Bigleaf’s partner program uses patent-pending Intelligent Load-Balancing along with dynamic QoS capabilities to ensure quality of service. The company also provides real-time failover and load balancing as well as seamless re-routing as necessary, based on ISP circuit quality. Dynamic QoS is well suited for prioritizing VoIP and other business-critical apps, which are paramount for a company like MegaPath.

MegaPath has been on a growth trajectory for the past few months, announcing several new customer wins and expansion of its Dedicated Access Portfolio to offer speeds up to 1 Gbps. The company most recently rolled out its Managed WiFi service with support for Bluetooth-enabled wireless access points (WAPs). The offering is geared toward the retail, hospitality, healthcare and food service sectors, making it easier for customers in those industries to stay connected and engaged.

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