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How AireSpring Balances Service and Management for Midsized Enterprises

November 09, 2015

At this year’s ITEXPO Anaheim 2015, TMC’s Rich Tehrani sat down with David Lonstein of AireSpring, a telecommunications provider that specializes in midsized enterprise cloud communications and managed connectivity services to businesses.

AireSpring was co-founded in 2001 by Avi, Daniel, the CEO and David Lonstein, the COO. It is a privately-held, diversified and full service communications company that offers a wide range of innovative telecom services. AireSpring offers next-generation integrated, SIP/VoIP, voice and data products.

Lonstein stressed the company’s fine balance between service and large-scale management, saying, “We have primarily multi-location customers with anywhere between five and probably 500 locations, that’s really our sweet spot. They get a better level of service from us than they would from one of the big guys. It’s a different type of service, we like to think of our customers as a big fish, they’ll have visibility with us and a level of service they wouldn’t get with a large company.”

The trend that Lonstein sees, or “tidal wave,” as he referred to it, is moving to cloud-based services. Specifically in the communications space, this can be seen in the growing number of cloud PBX and phone systems. With this in mind, last year AireSpring acquired a company in the cloud contact service space, which they now develop on their own.

Another major factor that Lonstein has noticed is connectivity to the cloud. In this space, AireSpring offers and end-to-end managed network for its customers, providing a quality of service (QoS) between the customer and the core network elements.

By providing a managed network, the company is able to avoid latency problems when delivering voice and video over the Internet. In fact, in many instances, AireSpring is aware and resolving issues before the customer is even aware of it. Since the company manages both the connection and the content, they are able to deliver a constant stream without delays or interruptions.

You can watch the full interview below: 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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