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Sennheiser's Pursuit of Perfect Office Sound

November 05, 2015

We all know about Sennheiser’s luxury pro audio products and services. Since 1945, the company has been a staple in recording studios and cockpits, and today artists from HEART to Miley Cyrus use their equipment.   

But what about Sennheiser’s other products? At last month’s ITEXPO, Doug Bowersox came around to spill Sennheiser’s “secret”: their premium line of business communications products. TMC Group Editorial Director Erik Linask sat down with Bowersox to get the details.

Sennheiser expanded into the business communications world about a decade ago, and Bowersox listed their complete portfolio of UC products, “from wireless DECT Bluetooth, to corded and USB headsets, including a personal speakerphone.”

When asked how Sennheiser competes with the two major players in the space (Jabra and Plantonics) Bowersox revealed his personal sales technique: “I love the challenge of the environment. When it’s a very loud expo and noise and music is playing, I have people put our headsets on, and it’s like they’re in a broadcast booth. It’s the ‘Oh, wow’ factor.”

So, in line with his usual sales tactic, Bowersox brought in three of the lesser-known gems from the Sennheiser lineup: a personal speakerphone, the Presence UC device, and a high end personal headset.

The optimized speakerphone is a sleek silver disk with a USB connection and 3.5 connector for 5-7 callers. It’s designed for 5 feet of omnidirectional sound capture, which means a tight, clear sound on conference calls.

The UC device with Bluetooth capability, called Presence, simultaneously pairs with two devices for business and personal use. Its noise cancelling function draws on three microphones to provide the best quality sound, on par with other high end products from competitors.

The personal headset, designed for personal or office use, can also pair with two devices at the same time. It delivers results on par with Sennheiser’s flagship headphone lines, including a very cool, luxury sound fade feature that Bowersox explains in the interview.

For more information – including the specs and price points of the models Bowersox showcased – check out the video below. And if you missed the last ITEXPO, be sure to head over to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the upcoming ITEXPO this January. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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