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Zultys Announces Update to MX 7.0 UC Software

November 04, 2015

Zultys, a developer of unified communications (UC) software, recently announced the latest firmware upgrade for its flagship service, MX.

The latest development, MX Release 7.0 unified communications software, which is expected to launch in February 2016, provides the features of previous releases of the SIP-based product. It adds more features for customization and use on mobile, and it enhances its security and ability to access data from third-party customer relationship management software. It also builds on the Android Mobile Communicator and Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook integration that was available in version 6.0.

Steve Francis, the chief sales and marketing officer at Zultys, commented on his company’s confidence in its update.

“With MX Release 7.0, Zultys expands and enhances the capabilities of our all-in-one UC solution to meet the needs of today’s evolving enterprises and contact centers,” Francis said. “Our commitment to delivering the features and functionality our customers demand is unwavering, and we are confident each new release demonstrates this to our channel partners and customers.”

Users of the new software will have the ability to reposition the elements of their dashboards to customize the look and feel of its components. It tries to make quick work of contact information with the new Quick Contact bar for searching and acting upon customer information.

MX Release 7.0 also continually scans its own network for signs of suspicious activity. It can block traffic and provide network administrators with control over files and resources. It can also handle denial of service attacks.

Users of the Android Mobile Communicator will have access to company directories, logs, and customer information. They can accept and transfer calls as needed, and they can place customers on hold if necessary during the proceedings of a call.

Finally, use of Salesforce and Outlook should allow companies to better utilize their remote workforce. Salesforce Communicator and Outlook Communicator tools can recognize call appearances through a Web browser. They make it possible for agents to accept calls from any home or mobile telephone and give agents access to all the tools they need to remotely complete their jobs.

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