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Mutualink Delivers Real-Time Secure Push-to-See

October 28, 2015

Push-to-Talk or PTT is an operation used in mobile phones that lets you use your device like a walkie-talkie. Mutualink has pushed that concept to include full multimedia in real-time with its Edge @Team platform.

According to the company, its solution is one of the first PTT offerings that provides a platform for securely sending different types of content in this way. The case use highlighted by Mutualink for the technology is for first responders, so they can communicate in real-time by sharing information in highly volatile environments.

The Mutualink system is used by homeland security and defense installations, NATO Special Operations Forces, police and fire departments, hospitals, schools and more. It uses a HIPPA-compliant triple-redundant military-grade AES-256 encryption interoperable end-to-end with LMR, LTE and P25 systems to safeguard the data that is being transmitted between users.

The service, which is delivered as SaaS, is always available because it is not installed on premises. By existing on a nationwide secure broadband network, agencies across different segments in law enforcement or other public and private entities can communicate any time with full multimedia collaboration.

The solution can be integrated into Interoperable Response and Preparedness Platform (IRAPP), the largest nationwide network of state and local responder agencies, emergency operations centers and other vital organizations.

“Whether we’re sharing real-time intelligence with an internal talk-group, or collaborating across multiple agencies, jurisdictions, and stakeholders to coordinate a regional emergency response, we can count on Mutualink’s technology to be effective and reliable every time,” said Bob Pessemier, Senior Consultant on WA-COP, the Washington Common Operating Platform project.

However, its applications goes beyond public organizations. For enterprises, it means using a technology that is already in use by their employees, smartphones. By deploying the Mutualink platform as a communications solution, businesses will have a platform with proven security, availability and flexibility to work nationwide. It can be deployed as a stand-alone communications solution or within an enterprise.

“We’ve created a one-device solution for everyday interoperability. Whether your organization is trying to save lives or save time, Edge @Team will give you multimedia collaboration capabilities you won’t find anywhere else,” said Colin McWay, Mutualink’s President.

The scalability of the platform gives organizations the ability to add users without having to worry about limitations. Additionally, it gives administrators an intuitive graphical user interface with tools to manage users no matter where they are.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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