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MailPrism Unveils New Unified Messaging Solution

October 27, 2015

When it comes to advanced communications methods in the business world these days, there are few platforms that are more useful than unified messaging. To keep pace with technological innovation, MailPrism LLC has announced it has its own powerful unified messaging solution. MailPrism’s solution will let businesses and their employees use existing email accounts to access a unified messaging platform that includes FAX, SMS, voice, postcards and letters. The company believes that allowing these customers to use their own email to access the services is a step ahead of the more traditional unified messaging solutions.

This kind of solution comes with a host of benefits; chiefly, it’s far cheaper than other options. Even better is there is less of a learning curve because the customers are going through an email system they already understand quite well. Best of all, there is no new software to learn or install when using MailPrism’s offerings.

"The $7-per-month price tag and the ease of adoption of MailPrism create a whole new market in unified messaging: individuals and businesses who could benefit from the increased organization and productivity, but who were previously unwilling to commit the necessary financial and/or labor resources.”  MailPrism's President, Marc Orenberg said in a recent statement.

The company laid out one of the ways in which this solution works. In order to send a fax to a phone number like 617-555-1234, the user would instead compose an email to 6175551234@mailprism.com. The same approach is done if someone is trying to send a voice message or an SMS text.

By doing this, inbound and outbound communications are all stored in one place: the client’s email. This allows users to do a search that is far easier than other unified messaging because they can be searched right alongside other emails. This also allows users to group this messaging however they like.

MailPrism’s solution is an elegant way to integrate multiple communications channels, and we’ll be excited to see how it fairs in the market. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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