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Unified Communications Headsets Week in Review: Jabra, ScanSource, Avaya and More

October 24, 2015

Here in Unified Communications Headsets, we cover all your UC industry news as it breaks. It’s been an exciting week, but if you missed any articles, don’t worry. In this weekly review, we’ll break down the week’s events, including an exciting new product from Jabra and a byline from Huddle President and co-founder Alastair Mitchell on digital collaboration. Internationally, we also saw two major moves by industry players.

Knowing Jabra, it should surprise no one that they’ve one-upped themselves with their newest product launch. Eclipse, the company’s lightest in-ear headset yet, weighs just 5.5 grams. Veering away from Jabra’s bread-and-butter larger, luxury headset models, Eclipse offers portability and convenience without sacrificing call quality or speaker reception. It’s customizable using Jabra’s voice assistant, and can even read text messages when connected via Bluetooth.

Next up is an article from Huddle’s Alastair Mitchell, who wants to help companies create collaborative cultures and digital workspaces. In his article, Mitchell laid out five key rules for building collaboration between satellite offices and enterprise headquarters. Most of our readers know the struggle of balancing multiple offices. It’s a challenge that Mitchell knows well, and his advice is applicable to in-office collaboration as well.

Sailing across the Atlantic, we find that ScanSource is now selling products from the U.K and Europe-based Unify. ScanSource will sell OpenScape, a UC platform that’s poised to do well in the European market. Young ScanScape will undoubtedly benefit from the partnership with historic Unify, so we’ll keep an eye on their progress in the upcoming years. On the other side of the world, Avaya is moving into the Chinese market. UC headsets are in growing demand in the industrializing nation, and Avaya wants to capitalize on that demand quickly.

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Before you take the rest of the weekend off, have a look at the week’s news. Unified Communications Headsets will be back next week to keep bringing you the best industry news. Do enjoy the weekend, and see you next week.