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UK Seeing Big Growth in Broadband Market

September 24, 2015

Broadband Internet, despite being a technology that is widely accepted as something that is just needed, is still a technology that is hard to find every now and then. While the rollout of the tech continues at a quick pace in the United States, Europe is seeing big time growth in the market as well, as more areas of the continent are getting high speed Internet access.

When it comes to Europe, a new report indicates that the U.K. is going to outperform the other major European countries over the next five years. The report from Analysys Mason says that the U.K. is definitely ahead of its peers when it comes to rolling out superfast broadband coverage, as well as take-up and average speeds.

The country, according to the report, is also comparing quite well when it comes to other countries that are regularly cited as some of the most advanced in the world when it comes to broadband. This includes countries like Japan and South Korea. Despite all of this, there are some doubts about just how well the country is doing in some aspects when it comes to the broadband rollout. “The debate continues to rage over how the U.K. fares when it comes to broadband speeds, coverage and pricing, and this report shows it is doing very well," says Analysys Mason Partner Matt Yardley in a release that accompanies the report.

This report comes around the same time that the United Nations claims that more than half the world lacks Internet access. Of course, the UN is talking about the undeveloped world more than places like the U.K., but it also shows that the country is rolling out the new tech quite well. One of the biggest signs at just how healthy Internet adoption is in the U.K. is the fact that just 28 percent of homes have broadband now, the report indicates that 78 percent of the country will have it by the end of 2020. That number is more than what the firm believes Japan (64 percent) and the United States (69 percent) will have.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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