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Comings & Goings: Broadvoice Picks Up a New Director

August 20, 2015

Roster moves are a big part of any major operation, and Broadvoice is no exception to this principle. It proved as much with a recent hire, a new Director of Channel Development. That new hire is none other than Tricia Cable, who is expected to be a major new addition to the lineup in the face of a rapidly changing channel environment.

Tricia Cable was most recently seen, reports suggest, with a master agency, where she spent three years engaged in support functions for a line of top producers, driving her knowledge of cloud operations. She began her career with U.K. firm Cable & Wireless, spending 11 years in direct sales as both a sales rep and a sales manager. She then stepped into a channel management position starting in 2000, where she developed skill as a manager and developer of channel operations up to the present day.

Broadvoice's CEO Jim Murphy offered up a note of explanation behind the new hiring, saying “Tricia's wealth of experience and industry knowledge makes her a key addition to the Broadvoice family. Continuing to attract and acquire industry veterans like Tricia shows our continued commitment to our existing channel partners, master agencies and overall rapidly expanding partner program.”

Cable also offered up comment, expressing enthusiasm and hope for the future: “I believe it is safe to say, that I have never worked for a company with such a high commitment to excellence across every layer of the organization; from top to bottom each and everyone working at Broadvoice has a 'can do' attitude and I am extremely excited about what my future holds.”

The channel has indeed changed quite a bit over the last several years, and it's a safe bet that Tricia Cable has witnessed a lot of these changes firsthand. An increasing number of ways to get in contact with businesses, the growth of master agent and partner programs and more have shaken up the way companies get products in front of potential clients. Being able to capitalize on these new changes requires someone who has not only been a part of channel operations for a long time but someone who understands how the changes made so far are likely to interact with changes yet to come. Tricia Cable, therefore, represents a smart roster move on Broadvoice's part.

Broadvoice already counts more than 70,000 customers to its credit, trusting the company to provide the best in voice services. With Tricia Cable, that number is likely to increase as the various channel partners involved with Broadvoice carry on, and as more channel partners join in the months to come.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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