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Broadview and DATAK Form New Partnership

July 07, 2015

Broadview Networks has already established itself as one of the leading providers in the communications and information tech markets in the world. Now the company is attempting to make another step toward the head of the pack with its announced partnership with DATAK Communications. DATAK is one of the leading communications companies in the Washington state regions. The partnership will, among other things, give DATAK access to Broadview’s OfficeSuite Cloud. Broadview gets the benefit of getting more eyes on its products especially in the Pacific Northwest.

“Partnering with DATAK further embeds Broadview’s expanded presence in the Northwest,” Mario DeRiggi, Broadview’s Executive Vice President said in a recent release. “As we continue to grow our channel network, the addition of DATAK to our portfolio of regional partners indicates acceptance nationwide of our unique technology and our award-winning cloud products.”

While it is certainly a benefit for Broadview to be able to get its products in more hands than ever before, DATAK can put this partnership in the win column as well. The company will have access to the OfficeSuite portfolio including the OfficeSuite phone, which is a cloud-based UC system. The company will also be able to use the OfficeSuite HD Meeting.

That particular solution is a video conferencing technology that works through the cloud. The program allows for HD video and audio conferencing while also giving access to online meeting and collaboration technology all in one platform. DATAK will also have access to the OfficeSuite hosted email services. This particular part of the package access both Microsoft Exchange and the Open-Xchange packages. This means that this particular solution might not be the most well known yet, but it certainly packs quite a punch when it comes to an email service that is both reliable and secure. Finally, the OfficeSuite PrivateCloud offers DATAK and anyone else who signs up for the Broadview host of solutions access to a virtualized data center. Combined into one powerful package, the platform provides what small and medium sized enterprises are looking for on a day-to-day basis.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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