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Gsolutionz Earns Avaya Platinum Partner Status

July 06, 2015

Communications consulting firm Gsolutionz has announced that it has been made a Platinum partner by Avaya.

“The Mid-Market enterprise customers we consult with every day are experiencing pressure to reduce operational expenses while improving the return of their investments,” Gsolutionz CEO Allen Pugh said.

The company focuses on mid-market solutions for business with up to 500 employees. Gsolutionz offers voice, data, software and video solutions.

Gsolutionz said that it was one of the few mid-market companies to qualify under Avaya’s 2015 guidelines for Platinum Partner status. The company said it qualified based on rigorous standards, including customer service, support, satisfaction and revenue goals.

"The entire Gsolutionz Team is extremely proud to be recognized as an Avaya 'Platinum' partner,” Gsolutionz president Ian Pugh said. “Platinum status demonstrates Gsolutionz's commitment to the market and provides us more support and tools to drive productive outcomes for our customers, powered by Avaya’s award winning technologies. It also allows Gsolutionz to strengthen and modernize our personalized world class service portfolio.”

Partnerships like the ones between Gsolutionz and Avaya are mutually beneficial. Gsolutionz gets access to advanced tools like those from Avaya’s without having to develop anything in-house, and Avaya gets access to a broader customer base. Off-the-shelf software is not going to meet every business need, and firms like Gsolutionz can tailor Avaya’s offerings and integrate them into systems that their clients are already using.

Companies like Gsolutionz can specialize in the offerings from one vendor, developing deep expertise. The company already claims nearly 7,000 clients.

Smaller businesses don’t have the IT resources that larger enterprises do, and they often have to turn to outside help from consultants to make everything run smoothly, while offering support while the inevitable breakdowns happen. Gsolutionz stresses its 24-hour support line and the ability for customers to purchase hardware, software and support from the same company.

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