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Unified Communications Week in Review: Tadiran, RingCentral, Gmail

June 27, 2015

As always, the UC universe abounded with news and developments, and as always, we were in the middle of the action, taking notes. This week we saw partnerships, industry analysis, and the first big development related to email in a little while.  Let’s review:

Early in the week, Tadiran brought a new face to its management team in a bid to bring the telecom and the Aoenix 2.4 platform to its potential.  The newest member of the team is Pamela Strong, who has been appointed Senior Vice President of Sales and General Manager of Tadiran Telecom Inc. Her expertise in the telecommunications industry, as well as her experience as owner of Commteck Business Systems for 15 years—and a host of other leadership posts—put her in a strong position to contribute to Tadiran. TMC’s Maurice Nagle has all the details in the full report.  

Next in line, RingCentral a growing force in the communications and cloud technology fields, announced that it has acquired Glip, which is to be rebranded as RingCentral Tram, and to have its abilities incorporated into the cloud-based phone system. Get all the details of the acquisition, HERE

According to a recent study from Grand View Research, the Unified Communications market is expected to soar over the next five years. In fact, the study predicts that the market will grow to $75.81 billion by 2020. It goes on to provide an overview of the key players in the market and the segments of the market that are expected to drive that growth. For more of the details, read Casey Houser’s full report.

Last but not least, and perhaps most unexpectedly, we saw a new development in email communications, courtesy of Google. TMC’s Steve Anderson reports that an “undo send” feature has been added to Gmail.  In truth, this is a not actually a new offering, as Anderson notes that the option to delay email sending by a matter of 10 to 30 seconds has been available on Gmail for some time for those who were willing to hunt for it in user settings.  Nevertheless, the “undo send” option is now a thing, and you can read all about it, HERE.

And that does it for the week that was! But don’t forget to check back in early and often. We always keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of Unified Communications.

Until next week, and have a lovely weekend. 

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