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Virsae Looking to Raise Funds for Global Expansion

May 28, 2015

New Zealand is one of the most remote places on the planet, located some 900 miles east of Australia. The island nation only has a little more than four and a half million people, and for companies looking to grow, the limited customer base presents a problem. This is especially true for cloud technology service providers who can expand their reach with greater ease than traditional industries, such as manufacturing. A New Zealand-based company that wants to increase its international presence is Virsae, provider of cloud-based applications that manage unified communications and call center environments. The company announced it is looking to raise $3 million from equity investors to make this possible.

Virsae wants to use the funds to address markets in the U.S. and U.K. by driving product development, as well as increasing sales teams and partners. With more than 85 percent of its revenue coming from international markets, the expansion to these regions is essential if it wants to keep growing.

The company uses an indirect sales model, and having partners in the markets it wants to penetrate is key. Because it resells its flagship product, Virsae Service Management (VSM), as part of the managed services of large system integrators, and the participation of these partners is essential. One of the largest partners it currently has in the U.S. is Arrow SI, and in the U.K. it is Azzurri Communications, which were both signed to re-sales agreements.

This follows recent global distribution agreements signed earlier this year with Westcon Group to distribute VSM to resellers in Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. The goal for the company is to get a larger share of the two billion dollar unified communications service management market.

Virsae CEO Tony Jayne said, “We’re on a mission to grow a global business at the forefront of cloud-based unified communications service management. This new multi-billion dollar category is largely untapped as businesses recognize the need for specialist toolsets to maintain reliable enterprise communications.”

The CEO went on to say the company’s cloud-based software-as-a-service model is geared for unlimited scale and emerging categories because it was built from the ground up for cloud delivery. The VSM platform has a highly visible and cohesive solution that delivers proactive management across multi-vendor communication applications without requiring the costly investment of on premises infrastructure.

Unified communications has become an integral component for today’s complex work environment. Businesses are integrating a wide range of technologies to introduce new levels of productivity to effectively compete in the market place. The ability to monitor how the UC platform a company has selected is performing gives administrators valuable data for making informed decisions on how to best add or remove features by assessing their performance. The Virsae Service Management platform does this with fewer onsite resources and a business case for delivering a return on investment (ROI).

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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