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Capita Purchases Pervasive to Push Mobile Presence

May 28, 2015

Enterprise communications are no longer one’s desk phone and email. Functionality has expanded to offer a wide array of collaboration tools and abilities. One particular ability front of mind for unified communication (UC) providers and the enterprise alike is mobility. Businesses today exist and function in a way requiring mobile access to ensure a high level of productivity, regardless of location.

This week, Capita purchased Pervasive in an attempt to improve its mobile prowess. Pervasive, an IT solutions provider with expertise in mobility and wireless networking services consists of two key components: Pervasive Networks and Beovax Computer Services.

“We are continuing to see a shift in working habits with the increased use of mobile devices, requiring flexible technology that enables employees to enhance productivity,” noted Peter Hands, executive director, Capita IT Enterprise Services.

Pervavsive Networks is a major channel partner with Aruba Networks. Beovax Computer Services is a VMware and HP cloud technology firm that Pervasive purchased in 2013.

“Pervasive has a strong record of providing wireless networks to clients across multiple sectors, offering the agility to respond to changing customer requirements. The addition of Pervasive further enhances the range of services offered by our Technology Solutions division, which already offers clients expertise in information security, networking, unified communications, cabling and data management,” Hands proclaimed.

Capita notes the newly acquired entities will strengthen its presence in the health services, higher education and local government sectors as well as its networking expertise. After the dust settles, Pervasive will become Capita IT Enterprise Services Team—joining the Technology Solutions division—with the priorities of BYOD, mobility and networking.

The shift mobile is not new, and as we’ve seen recently across the landscape of UC solutions, providers seek to provide the most comprehensive, feature rich, fault tolerant and mobile friendly offerings. Whether the means is acquisition, merger or innovation the end is clear: providing the enterprise with the proper tools to work at a high functioning level, regardless of location.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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