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Unified Communications Fuels Business Collaboration

May 21, 2015

Methanol is a compound we see and touch without realizing it; from fuel for transportation and cleaning water for consumption to electrical generation, it is one of the most versatile compounds available—and happens to be the second most shipped in the world. The billion-plus dollar industry is like any other, it requires the proper tools to achieve the desired result. And, one tool indispensible in any firm is its communications solution.

This week Methanex, the world’s largest supplier and producer of methanol, announced its plans to modernize its communications and network infrastructure with the help of BT. BT will be responsible for integrating its convoluted and patch-worked, four vendor unified communications services under a single supplier. Tall order, considering Methanex has over 20 locations in 11 countries.

Bas Burger, president of BT Americas, noted, "Today's connected world offers unlimited possibilities for global organizations to creatively bring together technology, people, infrastructure, systems and services, driving real business outcomes. How you design and manage your network has become vital to success. BT brings together the right combination of technology and infrastructure to support Methanex's global reach, scale and management needs. We look forward to working with Methanex to shape its vision for the future and make the best possible connections across its organization."

Today’s always-on, always-plugged in digital lifestyle requires a UC deployment fit to meet the demand, and Methanex is counting BT to supply its over 1,100 employees with exceptional means for collaboration and communication around the globe.

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Methanex will be utilizing BT’s Connect portfolio to ensure the creation of a scalable and easily managed network ready to meet the firm’s growing needs.

"As a leader in our industry, we are continually looking for ways to become more efficient to better serve our customers. The ability to communicate and collaborate across the globe is vital to our success," said Ward Chapin, Vice President of IT at Methanex. "With BT, we are able to consolidate to a single supplier at a global scale to support our business. We believe we have found the right partner to connect and empower our employees, partners and customers, while also reducing costs."

While methanol fuels many things, UC powers business. The ability to maintain a high level of collaboration and communication for the enterprise is paramount to succeeding in today’s fast-paced digital lifestyle. Methanex gets it.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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