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VirnetX Releases Security Suite for Public Download

May 18, 2015

Internet security software developer VirnetX Holding Corporation recently announced that it will begin offering its Gabriel Collaboration Suite as a public download for use on both desktop and mobile devices.

The Gabriel suite contains a number of tools for users to complete voice calls and share data. Those tools include Secure Mail, Secure Messaging, Secure Voice Call, Secure Video Call, and Secure Share & Sync—all of which will operate on Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops and Android-based mobile handsets. Downloads of the suite are free and will contain purchase options once opened on users' respective devices. The suite is made to provide security for users by allowing them to control access to their own data. Dr. Robert Short, the chief technical officer and chief scientist at VirnetX, spoke about how security acts as Gabriel's foundation.

“Gabriel has been designed and built with personal privacy and security as a foundational principle,” Short said. “As a result, Gabriel provides uncompromising data security, peer access control, and privacy. In contrast to the majority of social media and Internet communication applications, Gabriel is designed so that users do not have to transmit data to, or store data with, any third party, including VirnetX. Users can therefore rest easy that their data is stored only on their own devices.”

That foundation is built with the VirnetX Secure Communications Platform which automatically creates a secure link between users who, for instance, want to complete a voice or video call, send instant messages with one another, send encrypted emails, or share files in their own virtual networks.

Gabriel also works to create a consistent user interface across all supported platforms. Anyone used to using the suite on his or her mobile device will find similar functions on the desktop. In that same way, switching from a Linux-based box to a Windows computer will find all secure elements present in places the user expects.

This collection of tools can form the basis for encrypted communication between employees at any businesses. Whether it is talk between two managers about company litigation or emails sent between project team members, they can feel confident that their data is not stored on any third-party or VirnetX servers. Furthermore, they can trust in the protection of encrypted data that is hidden from the prying eyes of unwanted individuals, non-governmental agencies, or government-backed groups.

Businesses know they operate in an age of network threats. Regarding communications, especially email, there is a definite need for employees and managers to be careful as they speak to one another about sensitive topics and share sensitive data. The protection of voice, video, and data transfer is just one piece of the puzzle, but the need for it cannot be understated. VirnetX appears to be leading the charge.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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