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VOSS Solutions' 100th Customer Gives it Over 80 Percent of Tier-1 Carrier Customers

May 15, 2015

Cloud technology has evolved to the point where it is addressing virtually every IT solution an organization needs. And while initially naysayers argued the viability of the platform, right now there is a unanimous consensus as to the value the technology provides in the digital age we live in. With such rapid advancement, the only thing left to debate is whether cloud or on premises installations are better, and it is becoming academic because cloud deployment models are on equal footing with some segments, such as communications. As a software company that offers BCOM (business communications operations management) solutions to automate and simplify today’s complex communication ecosystem, VOSS Solutions has achieved another milestone as a cloud fulfillment vendor for unified communications (UC).

The company announced it has reached the century mark with its latest customer, bringing the ratio of the Tier-1 carriers it currently counts as clients to more than 80 percent, according to company CEO Mike Frayne. The growing clientele also includes the acquisition of a range of leading Tier-2/3 service providers and a number of customers in the managed services and large enterprise space.

The migration to the cloud by enterprises for their communications needs is becoming almost mandatory. This is because the working environment now includes remote and flex work, collaboration and accessibility from anywhere. The solution VOSS provides gives cloud service providers the ability to give enterprises a flexible platform that offers standardized templates (off-the-rack) or the option of modifying the templates to suit their particular needs.

“VOSS has a proven track record in providing scalable and flexible UC management platforms to carrier grade organizations. This puts us in a great position to support the enterprise market; as they either move to a cloud model to ensure their requirements are met, or opt for a standalone on-premise UC management solution,” said Jim Ortbals, VP Global Sales at VOSS Solutions.

Along with the acquisition of its new customer, VOSS also highlighted the recent product update designed to address the ever changing digital communications segment. The new features include:

  • Agile Orchestration - flexible design templates and workflow configuration, while maintaining a standardized on-boarding processes – to achieve seamless migration to the cloud,
  • Flexible and highly intuitive management portals for administration and self-service,
  • Operational adaptability to better fit end customers' business models (e.g. hybrid deployment model),
  • Advanced user profiles, entitlements management and multi-vendor management
  • Enhanced integration capabilities into the OSS/BSS layer with intuitive wizards, and
  • LDAP/AD and third party application integration, such as attendant consoles, call recording applications more.

A successful UC deployment is now a key part of an organization’s overall operations. Without this, the communications solution a company has in place will suffer greatly when it needs to bring all of its resources together and make it available to its employees, customers, vendors and partners. VOSS UC delivers a public and private cloud deployment with a complete tool-set for creating an architecture that delivers strategic control of the communications environment with real-time services.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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