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Avotus Improves Usage Reporting for Unified Communications

May 14, 2015

As voice, video, text and their different permutations become part of the overall communication platform of organizations, keeping track of usage and other metrics with complete visibility is a task in itself. With so many options, it is essential to find out which solution is best, cost effective and easy to use so it can bring everyone inside and outside of the company together. As a provider of Intelligent Communications Management (ICM) solutions, Avotus Corporation has announced the launch of its improved ICM Enhanced Usage Reporting (EUR) platform, which will let communications managers gain total access into all the features of unified communications (UC).

The company is using its 30-year experience in providing visibility, data management and savings for corporate voice networks and applying it to UC. The improvements in the ICM EUR will make it possible to clearly see what is taking place with instant messaging, presence, voice, wireless and videoconferencing with a single unified tracking and reporting platform. As more organizations integrate mobile, remote working and cloud services, the UC solution they have in place must be scrutinized more thoroughly to determine if it is delivering as promised.

Being able to control all the UC services gives administrators the ability to determine which solution is delivering the best value for their communications spend. While in the past simple accounting may have been enough, today each interaction employees, partners, vendors and customers have can be aggregated to deliver valuable insight into the operations of the entire organization.

This platform shows how every location and department spends company funds, develops plans for new technologies and detects any abuse or misuse. With comprehensive real-time Call Detail Record (CDR) tracking and accounting, communications managers can now gain unprecedented visibility.

The key improvement in the ICM Enhanced Usage Reporting include:

  • Tracking and exception reporting across all UC features, detects abuse and ensures compliance with corporate guidelines and regulatory requirements,
  • Multi-site and multi-vendor integration provides full visibility via single portal along with enhanced visibility across wireline, wireless, VoIP, UC and TDM based links,
  • Full asset-tracking module for traditional and non-traditional TEM assets and organized Call Detail Record (CDR) reporting,
  • Respond to litigation with accurate information about UC usage, and
  • Consolidates billing reports, automated reports in a variety of formats via email and bill back -- usage charges to departments, cost codes or employees.

The ICM EUR platform has been integrated with Cisco and GENBAND and it can be deployed in the cloud or on premises and expand with more than 130 models of PBX's on Avotus’ legacy integration.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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