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VOX Network Solutions Hires New Director of Cloud Solutions

May 05, 2015

VOX Network Solutions, a provider of voice and data communications from its home base in California, has added a new member to its team. The recent addition of Dunstan Speeth as the new director of cloud solutions will bring more than 20 years of industry experience to network company.

Speeth's experience lies in the fields of customer service and unified communications. He has a resume that includes long stints at some high-profile companies such as Windstream Communications and IBM. Specifically from IBM, Speeth worked as a technical architect among its ranks, and for the last two years he has worked as a developer of cloud products and a leader of professional service teams.

VOX appears to have reached out to Speeth because of that direct experience as a leader. Scott Landis, the president of VOX, commented on the importance of cloud-based products in modern networking and the fact that VOX customers have a lot of interest in those types of products. Speeth will reportedly be the head of the upcoming product launch that targets that market.

“Cloud solutions are rapidly growing and there is a lot of interest among our enterprise customer base,” Landis said. “Dunstan has provided the architectural and technical leadership necessary to orchestrate our upcoming cloud launch that incorporates unified communications, contact center, video, data center, and security solutions.”

From that statement, it is clear that VOX wants to have its hands in a number of different products. Everything from UC to video and security will be on its plate. Therefore, it will also be on Speeth's plate as he begins his role.

Speeth comes to the team as one in a series of hires over the past year. First, this past July, there was Chanley Geveshausen as VOX's new director of contact center solutions. Then in August, the networking company hired Lester Cohen as its new director of immersion learning.

Together, the new hires, alongside the rest of the enterprise's team, seek to solidify VOX as a reliable provider of communications products and a company that can offer high-quality customer service. It is clearly beefing up its expertise in multiple departments. Everything from cloud-based product development to contact center operations is receiving its share of industry expertise. VOX wants its customers to get the best products available on the market and with the best customer service support. The new team members should help in driving the company toward its goal.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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