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Centrify Unveils Its New CPS

April 22, 2015

Centrify has long been considered one of the world’s leaders in unified identity management when it comes to the cloud and mobile data. Earlier this week the firm announced the launch of its Centrify Privilege Service (CPS). This is to become the industry’s first cloud-based identity management solution and it is geared toward making sure the gap in online security can be narrowed. This is just the latest move for Centrify when it comes to directly addressing online security.

Previously the firm had launched into a partnership with AVG in order to underline the need for better online security but the launch of this particular CPS will allow customers to take a hands on approach to securing their data. The importance of this CPS when it comes to privileged accounts can’t really be understated according to Centrify. The CPS allows for privileged accounts to have an elevated access to a user’s most privileged data.

“Identity and privileged accounts are at the center of today’s ever-growing string of cyberattacks,” said Tom Kemp, CEO and founder of Centrify in a recent release. “Centrify’s modern approach to managing and securing privileged accounts is in stark contrast to legacy privileged identity management software offerings that do not address increasingly hybrid IT environments of on-premises and cloud-based systems.”

Kemp also says that the products that came before the CPS often fail to secure and manage third party access to accounts. With the CPS the stakeholders in the chain of command are able to do a number of different things. One feature of this solution is a centrally managed emergency access to all servers and network devices. The CPS also grants secure, cloud-based access for remote and outsourced IT staff to those servers and network devices, and this is done with giving VPN access to the entire data center.

Finally the CPS that was created by Centrify gives users secure access to on-premises servers as well as network devices and IaaS using resource management, shared password and privileged session monitoring capabilities.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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