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Vidyo Virtualizes Video

April 09, 2015

Technology has allowed the functionality that once took physical, bulky, on-site hardware to be delivered in a virtualized environment today. And, as businesses of all shapes and sizes see the value in virtual deployments it is becoming much more the norm than the exception. Unified Communications (UC) vendors have taken to this new model by offering turnkey solutions to meet the growing demand, and are enjoying the results.

A key component to any UC deployment is video.  The advent and ubiquity of video conferencing has made business travel optional in many cases, cut costs tremendously and allowed for collaboration and communication for people around the globe.

Vidyo has been devoted to providing virtualized video conferencing solutions since 2012, beginning with its VidyoRouter then followed by adding virtualized support for its VidyoPortal in 2013 and ending with offering virtualized support for VidyoReplay in 2014. The most recent innovation means that Vidyo’s infrastructure offerings can all be offered and supported as virtual appliances.

Image via Vidyo

Not resting on its laurels, Vidyo continues to make upgrades and additions to its virtual portfolio. VidyoReplay VE offers a more flexible option to VidyoReplay, and much like its predecessor can be clustered to meet the needs of deployment.

Other additions include the ability to run virtual editions of Vidyo infrastructure simultaneously with other applications so you can utilize CPU resources more efficiently. VidyoGateway VE and VidyoReplay can now manage storage resources to ensure your Vidyo deployment is meeting need.  Additionally, upgrades have been made to provide higher capacity per vCPU resource.

The trend in UC is most definitely cloudy (and meatball free), as the cloud is quickly becoming a preferred means of deployment. Tadiran is a company embracing the scalability, mobility and security of the cloud—and, not to mention Vidyo’s solutions—by leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the first Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to run its award-winning Aeonix unified communications & collaboration (UC&C) platform.

The cloud offers unparalleled deployment flexibility, and as more businesses move from legacy hardware into today’s virtualized environment, a turnkey solution that can provide greater functionality at a more pocket-friendly cost should be impetus to see a stampede. 


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