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AVST Secures PEPPM Contract for Another Year

March 25, 2015

Applied Voice & Speech Technologies (AVST) has operated for more than 30 years as a developer of communications products. It recently announced that it has, once again, been awarded a contract from the Pennsylvania Education Purchasing Program for Microcomputers that will last until December 31, 2017.

The PEPPM cooperative purchasing program will allow state agencies throughout the U.S. to bid on AVST products such as its CX-E unified communications platform. The contract should continue to positively serve the interests of AVST because of its current reach within the public sector. It already supplies CX-E to more than 1,400 federal, state, and local government entities as well as 1,100 educational institutions; this contract will allow it to continue those relationships while building more in the process.

Denny Michael, the vice president of marketing at AVST, reflected on that point in his comment regarding the latest contract.

“We are very pleased to be awarded this new PEPPM contract,” Michael said. “The education and government sectors continue to be a primary focus for us, and we look forward to further serving public agencies that participate in this purchasing program.”

The PEPPM also commented on the win by discussing how AVST was able to secure the contract. It said AVST participated in a bidding process where it shone above the competition with the elements of its previous contract term. Those elements included discounted pricing and quality service and training which it provided to the government and education entities previously mentioned.

CX-E appears to be such a wide-reaching product because of its depth of service. It contains unified messaging capabilities, a personal assistant, voicemail, an interactive voice response system, and call center features, managed by the TeamQ tool, such as call distribution and agent desktop control. TMC has previously covered the scope of that UC software and discussed its interoperability with many other call center software packages.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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