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ADTRAN Adds NetVanta Ethernet Switches to ProCloud Service

March 23, 2015

ADTRAN announced earlier this week that it had added its NetVanta Ethernet switches to its ProCloud service. The addition will allow customers to have better management over their networks, resulting in more uptime in an environment where global access is expected 24/7.

Huntsville, Alabama-based ADTRAN, Inc. started in the mid-1980s in response to AT&T having to break up the Bell system in response to an antitrust ruling. This opened the door for suppliers like ADTRAN to provide equipment to the local ‘Bells’. The company offers network and communications solutions including hardware like switches and gateways; carrier Ethernet over fiber, copper or TDM; backhaul equipment; and hardware for UC and VoIP solutions.

ADTRAN’s NetVanta line of products includes routers, Ethernet switches, network termination units, gateways, power supply units and complete solutions. ProCloud is a managed cloud service that is offered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

According to a press release, ADTRAN included the NetVanta Ethernet switches with ProCloud to address problems faced by IT departments with limited resources in monitoring and keeping their networks running. With this new combination, admins will be able to know the current health of their network, thus enabling measures to prevent downtime. Any NetVanta switch can be used with ProCloud; service plans start at just under $100 annually.

A growing number of cloud service providers now offer SLAs that guarantee 100 percent uptime. Whether or not one agrees that such a goal is attainable in an imperfect world is another discussion for another day, but the reality is that the IT market has a growing intolerance for downtime.

The business and consumer world has become too dependent on networks for information and as a means of communication. IT departments are being encouraged to dispose of their hardware and move to the cloud. If these services are down for only a few moments, it can cost companies a lot in lost productivity.

Solutions like the one provides by ADTRAN will be critical to the future success of the cloud. Demand is only going to continue to increase, and for the cloud to live up to promises of reliability, there must be systems in place to detect potential problems before they lead to downtime. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino