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TEL-COM Solutions Joins Broadview Networks to Offer New Cloud Options

March 12, 2015

Sometimes the best moves in business come about as the results of partnerships. A new distributor, a new vendor, or even a co-development project can produce some really noteworthy results. One such partnership fired up in earnest recently as TEL-COM Solutions—known as a major name in telecommunications provision in Yakima, Washington—joined up with Broadview Networks to bring Broadview's OfficeSuite lineup to TEL-COM's partners and agents alike.

With OfficeSuite, TEL-COM can offer up a line of tools geared toward the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market, with a particular focus on getting both software and infrastructure alike into the cloud outright. Making that move allows for a better business continuity, and that's exactly what SMBs will want on hand should there be a disaster in the region.

The complete OfficeSuite system includes tools like OfficeSuite Phone, which offers a complete cloud-based unified communications (UC) system, and OfficeSuite HD Meeting, which provides both audio conferencing and HD video conferencing tools in one package, as well as online meeting and collaboration tools all in one. Also included is the OfficeSuite hosted email for Microsoft Exchange and OpenXchange, the OfficeSuite hosted virtual desktop, hosted virtual and dedicated servers, data backup and recovery, and the PrivateCloud system for datacenter technology.

TEL-COM Solutions owner Jason Telles notes the value of bringing in Broadcom's solutions, saying “Broadview’s OfficeSuite cloud services are highly customizable and their new MyOfficeSuite portal has garnered strong feedback from the industry, as well as from our agent partners. Broadview’s focus on the customer experience is second to none and the level of support they provide makes them an excellent partner for TEL-COM. We anticipate a long-lasting and very successful partnership with Broadview.” Meanwhile, Broadview cited TEL-COM's “...consultative and personal experience...” as the perfect accompaniment to “...Broadview's customer-centric corporate philosophy” as reason to work with TEL-COM.

This explains well why these two got together. TEL-COM Solutions has a substantial presence in the Washington area, which gives it access to quite a few technology firms, particularly firms that are either looking for or already have telecommunications solutions in play. That's a market tailor made for Broadview Networks, who can now—as the earlier list indicated—offer up plenty of terrific tools designed to take advantage of that clearly interested user base, including a lot of tools that many other firms are getting involved in providing. Thus TEL-COM can bolster its offerings to a current client base and Broadview gets access to that very same client base to get new sales.

Only time will tell just how well it works, but it's immediately clear that TEL-COM customers will have quite a bit more to choose from soon, and quite a bit of it should prove welcome. Both firms would seem to be at the right place at the right time to achieve some real success.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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