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Redbooth UC Lands a Slot in Enterprise Connect Innovation Showcase

March 10, 2015

For those not already familiar, Enterprise Connect's Innovation Showcase is an event designed to get people thinking about unified communications (UC) and the kind of role it can play in people's lives. This year, the event has a particular focus on the tools needed to help build team collaboration efforts. That's where Redbooth steps in, with a new line of products specifically geared not only toward driving UC efforts but also in augmenting collaboration.

Redbooth will have several tools on display, according to reports, starting with a collaboration solution that over 6,000 customers worldwide have turned to to help drive collaboration within the organization.  Redbooth's system has been shown to drive down email traffic, which can often be inefficient, particularly when used as a means to connect teams.

But Redbooth will also show off the Private Cloud system, which makes it much simpler for IT staff to control not only installation but also security from behind a firewall, allowing for not only better compliance with privacy regulations but also better use of security policies. The Private Cloud can be put into use with several different hypervisors, ranging from Red Hat to IBM to VMware and beyond, and also benefits from pre-integration with several enterprise directory servers, making it an easier system to deploy.

Essentially, as the Enterprise Connect Innovation Showcase's director Dave Michaels points out, there are a rapidly increasing number of Web collaboration and unified communication tools out there. But with Redbooth, the cloud-based collaboration concept can now be put behind a firewall, thus helping to ensure that those who don't need to be part of a conference—or those who might have designs on some of the proprietary information revealed during said conference—can be kept on the other side of the firewall as was always intended.

Here, Redbooth's tools offer not only a variety of options in terms of deployment, but also in terms of use, making it a highly versatile system, and the kind of system plenty would no doubt be interested in working with. Concerns about security when it comes to conferencing are well known, and tools like this can help keep the unauthorized hacker or other interloper out of the action, keeping data safe. Keeping data safer in conferencing is the next step to getting more conferencing tools in use, so tools like Redbooth's are likely to prove useful in a market that's increasingly mobile, yet needs a way to better stay in touch and drive collaboration.

It's going to be interesting to see what kind of impact Redbooth Private Cloud—along with the rest of the Redbooth lineup—will have when it hits, but based on what we know, this could be the start of something big for Redbooth. Not to mention big for companies looking to better collaborate remotely.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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