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Tips for Telecommuting

March 10, 2015

Working from home, or telecommuting, is becoming more and more popular in the workplace. Unified Communications solutions make it possible for work to be in ways, and places, many never thought possible. Telecommuting has increased by almost 80 percent since 2005, and we can only predict this number will continue to rise. While working from home may seem like a flexible luxury, there are certain actions that need to be taken to create the most productive environment possible.

Let me clue you in on a few ways to make the most of working from home.

1.Make a schedule: Creating a schedule and sticking to it is one of the most helpful things telecommuters can do. It is easy to get 90 percent of your work done and plan on finishing the rest the next day, but this is a bad habit to slip into. Creating a schedule and checking everything off is the perfect way to make sure each day has a start and finish. This will leave you satisfied with your work and a daily plan to show your supervisor.

2.Maintain a balance: Many people find that working at home blurs the lines within their work-life balance. Even though your office is located in your home, it doesn’t mean the two are constantly connected. Create boundaries for yourself, and whomever you may live with. Treat each day like you are going into an office, your friends and family wouldn’t barge into your office at work, so they shouldn’t at home either.

3.Keep communication with your colleagues open: Having a concrete schedule to show your colleagues or superiors can increase productive communication, especially when working on collaborative projects. Keep the line of communication open all day with your co-workers. It will make you feel less isolated and keep everyone in the loop.

3.Utilize Technology: Unified Communications solutions make collaboration easy when working from home. If there is a meeting called the day you're not in the office, you can easily use your own personal webcam and tune in.

4.Get dressed for the day: Even though you're working from the comfort of your own home, you need to get your mindset into that of the office. Every morning, start your day the right way and dress for your job. Professional clothing will kick start your body into work-mode.

5.Create your own personal work space: Not only does your body need to be kicked into work-mode through your wardrobe, but your work space needs to help get you in the correct mindset. Creating a work station that is completely separate from the relaxing parts of your home will help maintain a productive balance. This space is only for working, therefore you know when you're in it you have to be completely focused.

6.Take advantage of the conference call: While Web conferencing is always a good option, conference calling is another valuable resource. Utilizing conferencing technology allows you to stay in contact with your colleagues all day and allows you attend quick meetings. It gives you and your coworkers more room for mobility and enhances communication while out of office.

7.End your day: The most important part of working from home is ending your day. Once you leave your workspace and complete all your tasks, you have to unplug. Treat it the same way you would as if you were leaving the office.

Technology allows the level of mobility needed for the remote workforce, when choosing a Unified Communications solution it is important that telecommuting needs are addressed. Because someone is not in the office, does not mean they are no longer part of the team. With the proper solution in place productivity, efficiency and morale can all reach record highs for the remote worker.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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