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The Government Represents an Untapped Opportunity for Communication Solutions Providers

February 17, 2015

A growing number of technology mandates and regulations have brought about changes in the way business is being handled, and the government is leading the charge. Particularly at the federal level, the U.S. government has had to rethink the way it receives many of its services, especially when it comes to communication.

MarketUS, a company that touts itself as “The GSA Authority,” has nearly 30 years of experience connecting small businesses with the government. Michael Price, founder of MarketUS, sat down with Peter Bernstein, senior editor of unified communications.com at the recent ITEXPO Miami 2015 event to discuss government opportunities.

According to Price, federal mandates surrounding cloud usage, security, compliance with IPv6 and working with trusted vendors have all lead to massive opportunities for small businesses, particularly those offering VoIP and other communications services. He has also observed small and large businesses working more closely together when it comes to meeting the government’s needs, and in many cases, smaller businesses are taking the lead.

“The trend over the last few years is to really start pushing toward small business as opposed to large businesses,” said Price. “The large businesses now have a mandate from the government under their small business subcontracting plan. How do you plan on bringing in small business to help you satisfy your requirement as the government?”

Telecom is a hot area for small businesses looking to penetrate the government market. As government agencies examine ways to update their legacy, outdated communications systems, they are increasingly looking to VoIP and hosted services as cost effective alternatives that can provide them with the functionality enjoyed in the corporate world. Small businesses can provide personalized service with customized features and can offer step-by-step support during the migration process.

MarketUS believes the government is a largely untapped market for small businesses and the company specializes in brokering those deals and connections. The company can help businesses get their GSA applications ready within two to four weeks and help clients negotiate the entire contract process. Overall, the government represents a great revenue opportunity for small businesses, particularly those providing VoIP and other value-added communications solutions.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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