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SimpleSignal Simplifies Cloud-Based Business Communications Across All Platforms

February 10, 2015

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly placing their trust in the cloud, largely out of necessity but also because the cloud is steadily proving itself to be trustworthy. That trust is especially important when it comes to business communications, and changes in the market have necessitated a shift in attitude about cloud computing.

Dave Gilbert, CEO and founder of SimpleSignal, has witnessed this shift over the years just as he has watched his business grow. Gilbert sat down with TMC Group Editorial Director Erik Linask at the recent ITEXPO Miami 2015 to talk about the importance of the cloud in communications solutions for businesses of all sizes.

“Really now it’s starting to shift in a way that’s starting to really matter even up into the ‘M’ of the SMB, right into the enterprise,” said Gilbert of his customers’ changing attitudes. “They’re actually trusting the cloud.”

He reasons that organizations are putting so many enterprise applications into the cloud they are becoming increasingly comfortable with moving more sensitive services, like business communications, to a cloud model. “It’s not just about voice anymore, it’s really about all of those apps that combine to create an overall solution for all the ways a business communicates and collaborates.”

SimpleSignal pulls together those applications for its customers in a simplified format that frees them from management and server administration. The company works with apps from Microsoft, Google and more to offer a broad range of UCaaS solutions for its customers.

Gilbert said that Microsoft’s recent reconfiguration of its Office 365 solution, including rebranding Lync as Skype, is a natural progression as Redmond steadily becomes more of a communications solutions provider. He added that while Microsoft and Google excel at providing UC apps and service, they don’t have experience with handling the telecom and billing components for the voice portions of their offerings, which is where companies like SimpleSignal come in.

“We’re excited just to kind of come alongside of instead of compete with Microsoft,” said Gilbert. “The way were seeing it, it’s a great combination – SimpleSignal and Skype for Business.”

“When a business now needs a PBX solution, it’s not looking for something you have to take care of, something you have to upgrade, something you have to put on maintenance and then watch it get old and outdated,” added Gilbert. “Instead they really understand the idea of future proofing by building their communications solution out of the applications that exist.”

SimpleSignal specializes in that build out, as well as helping businesses put together a communications package that will best fit their needs. When it comes down to it, the company strives to create true mobility across all platforms, pretty much the ultimate driver for cloud adoption.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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