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Teliax: Integrators and Resellers Can Earn More with IVY

February 05, 2015

Teliax was at ITEXPO Miami last week talking about its turnkey white-label voice solution, which allows integrators and resellers to get to market quickly, painlessly, and with no upfront investment or recurring costs. Kerry Garrison of Teliax, spoke on camera with unified communications’s senior writer Peter Bernstein to explain.

Ten-year-old Teliax has focused primarily on wholesale during its decade in business. But over the last three years it’s been developing IVY, a retail platform that provides integrators and resellers with a fast and easy way to bring voice to their customers, and to do that in a customized way.

“It is a great product in that it handles so much of the work for you,” Garrison said of IVY.

IVY delivers PBX and SIP trunk functionality, and it also provides integrators and resellers will billing and invoicing, which those organizations can customize so they can set their own pricing and add auxiliary services to their bills.

What’s more, Teliax products this solution to integrators and resellers at no cost. The company instead makes its money through a 50-50 revenue split with those partners.

“I’ve yet seen anyone yet who is willing to take the risk on” a service like this, said Garrison…. “By providing the services to the reseller at our cost we are taking a little bit of a risk.”

The goodness of this approach for Teliax integrator and reseller partners is not only that they have no costs related to the services and back office systems, but also in that it demonstrates Teliax’s interested in the success of its IVY partners, and in those partners’ ability to make more money.

Garrison did the math in a posting he did in December. He used as an example the partner earning potential from a typical small business using five DIDs and 5,000 minutes of domestic calling a month. He then took the pricing from what he said is a well-known VoIP service provider, quoting a DID price of $1.49 a month and domestic calling at $0.024 per minute. Revenue based on that would be $12.75, he said, while with IVY the partner revenue would be $43.73 – a 343 percent increase.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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