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Synergy SKY Adds Monitoring Tools to Tata Communications' jamvee Platform

February 03, 2015

Synergy SKY is already well-known for its work in unified communications (UC), as a developer of multi-tenant, multi-vendor and multi-tiered solutions for such tools. But now, it's about to step up its recognition in the field by getting together with Tata Communications, bringing its line of monitoring tools to Tata's jamvee platform, giving Synergy SKY responsibility for one big part of a major next generation platform in UC.

Synergy SKY adds significant value to the systems in which its involved, allowing for provisioning on several fronts, including both clients and virtual meeting rooms. It also offers up monitoring and reporting tools to help ensure that resources are being put to work in the best fashion possible. Then, when a session has concluded, Synergy SKY can generate a report about that session, showing key points about the call itself, like call quality and the total number of participants in the call. Then billing modules receive detailed data about the call itself, and invoicing can take place according to use overall. Plus, this shapes up the opportunity for customized branding, with the ability to add said branding to the user interfaces and the virtual meeting rooms for added exposure to the brand.

The combination of the two services is so far well-received, as explained by Wainhouse Research senior partner and co-founder Andrew W. Davis, Sr., who said “We are pleased to see the next generation of Tata Communications' jamvee platform, providing a virtually unlimited pool of audio and video resources to both end user organizations and Tata Communications' reseller service provider partners. It is not an insignificant task to manage the complexities of this global, multi-tier, multi-tenant and multi-vendor platform. Synergy SKY's multi-tenant architecture and multi-vendor support is a perfect partner for Tata Communications.”

It's one thing to have a terrific UC platform, and as far as a lot of people are concerned, Tata Communications' jamvee can offer just that. But it's another thing to tell just how well such a platform is working in terms of its access to the network, and that's exactly where Synergy SKY comes in with its line of management solutions. Being able to get a handle on issues that appear in virtual meeting rooms and the like can often illustrate problems taking place in the network itself, and a problem that can be readily identified often has the best chance of being fixed.  So bringing in Synergy SKY to help see how the network is holding up during such operations allows the whole process to become more reliable, more useful, and therefore more cost-effective to the business that's putting it to work.

It will be interesting to see if more businesses buy in on jamvee as a result of Synergy SKY's new tools, and how many stick with the company's product thanks to the newfound ability to better manage data operations therein. But still, this is a point that really only improves Tata Communications' offering, and as such can scarcely hurt its chances of success in the field.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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