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CounterPath Announces Partnership with Networking Company

January 26, 2015

CounterPath, a provider of over-the-top (OTT) Unified Communications software, has announced that it has entered into a reseller agreement with an as-yet-unnamed network equipment manufacturer.

"Enterprises are looking for market proven Unified Communications solutions that they can confidently install throughout their entire operation," said Donovan Jones, CounterPath president and CEO. "We have deployed our Bria and Stretto-powered Enterprise OTT solutions with some of the largest and most demanding businesses, OEMs and operators in the world. Through this new partnership, we have already established commercial relationships with large enterprises looking to deploy UC solutions across their organization to increase employee productivity and data security, maximize efficiencies through data collection and analytics, and simplify IT administration."

Bria is a softphone application that offers UC communications over PCs, Macs and tablets. It even supports Linux on the desktop, one of the few commercial applications to do so. Stretto offers provisioning, presence, gateway and messaging to enterprise customers.

Under the deal, the two companies would offer vertical solutions tailored to markets such as healthcare, finance and government.

The partnership could bring out the best in both companies. Network hardware manufacturers can’t sell equipment without applications to use them, and network application providers need good infrastructure if they want their applications to perform the best.

Unified Communications looks to be a “killer app” for both networking hardware and software manufacturers. More people are moving off the standard PC and desk phones onto mobile devices, often supplying under Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. CounterPath’s solutions can be deployed under Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems.

The move to these devices offers new possibilities, such as combining voice, video and text communications. Gartner expects the market of UC-ready infrastructure to reach $17 billion by next year. CounterPath looks poised to take advantage of the rapid changes in the business communications market.

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