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Digium Launches UC Tech Chat Web Series

January 23, 2015

Digium, Inc., a company specializing in communications hardware and telephony solutions such as its acclaimed Asterisk (PBX) software, recently launched a new Web-based video series called UC Tech Chat. The show presents unbranded topical information discussing technology trends and their influence on organizations and their employees. Focusing primarily on the field of business communications, the UC Tech Chat series is targeted at small-to-medium-size businesses as well as technology enthusiasts.

"The role technology plays in business today is unprecedented. It impacts daily management and budget decisions, and shapes long-term growth strategies," said Leslie Conway, Vice President of Global Marketing for Digium, in a blog post regarding the series' launch. "We wanted to talk about these issues, but from a vendor-neutral perspective - so we developed a new, web-based series to provide a platform for these conversations."

Hosted by Brian Ferguson, Digium's Switchvox Product Marketing Manager, and Jason Mefford, the company's Inside Sales Manager, UC Tech Chat covers a variety of topics in business communications such as unified communications (UC) and Voice over IP (VoIP). It also includes a segment called "Julie's Inbox" for answering viewers' questions about trends in the field - hosted by Marketing Communications Director Julie Webb - and a quick trivia game.

For a better idea of what the show is like, consider the first episode which premiered on YouTube January 15 with the topic "mobility in the workplace." After a discussion about the increasing prevalence of mobile workforces, the episode focuses on the main benefits and challenges of adopting mobility initiatives. Also included is a presentation of six prominent use cases for the workplace - business executives, IT personnel, sales, healthcare, teleworkers, weather emergencies, automobile sales home emergencies and teachers - and a timeline history.

The biweekly series' second episode will air next week, but for now the first episode is available via a dedicated UC Tech Chat YouTube playlist.

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