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New Dispatch Console Solution Offers Improved UC Security

January 07, 2015

Security is a primary focus throughout various industries, whether it’s to protect customer information, the network or a combination of both. Traditionally speaking, security was about safety of the individual and/or his property. It included monitoring and response, both on-site and through remote offerings.

Tadiran, a company focused on providing unified communications solutions, recently announced the Aeonix Dispatch Console designed for command and control room settings. The new solution is available on the unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) Aeonix platform, which Tadiran launched in January of 2013. In a time when security at all levels is a top priority, this introduction meets a growing need for both business and educational environments.

According to Tadiran, simplification and optimization of daily dispatch communication operations are in high demand among vertical markets, especially transportation and power. With the Aeonix Dispatch Console, organizations are well-equipped to respond to facility events, incidents, emergencies and more, while also supporting interoperable communications among all devices. This unified communications solution provides remote extension support through an on-screen surface designed for ease-of-use.

The dispatcher using the Aeonix Dispatch Console can communicate with one or more peers in both pre-defined and ad hoc conferences with the click of a button. Using open standards, dispatchers can view live feeds with Pan-Tilt-Zoom controlled CCTV cameras from critical nodes on the network. Plus, any calls within the dispatch system can be recorded and stored for future use.

Such an app is in high demand in environments where precious cargo is involved. Take education, for instance. Schools throughout the nation are implementing more stringent security standards. A system that is easily monitored and controlled through unified communications can improve response times and better secure the safety of all faculty and students. The same is true for any organization where the safety of the individuals on site is just as important as the organization’s mission, if not more.

The control features on this application and complete integration into the on-site telephony ensure complete monitoring is capable, regardless of the devices used or the location of those responsible for monitoring. Likewise, because all calls can be recorded, management can assess response times and monitoring so as to adjust policies to better match best practices initiatives.

While not all unified communications solutions on the market are aimed at providing a safer environment, Tadiran is focused on delivering a solid solution that works as a natural extension of its Aeonix UC&C platform, delivering even more value to the end user.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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