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HiperPBX Taking Business Communications into 'Hiper Space'

January 06, 2015

Communication and collaboration are integral to a successful enterprise. This is illustrated by the growing numbers in adoption of unified communication (UC) solutions. With the New Year upon us, and ITEXPO Miami just a few weeks away, there is no better time to catch up with an industry leader to get his pulse on the space.

With its primary offices in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay HiperPBX Inc .has proven to deliver creative solutions rooted in UC to businesses of all shapes and sizes. President, Gustavo Scheveloff took some time to discuss the year that was and expectations for the year to be with unified communications recently. The interview appears below.  

Does the U.S. need Net Neutrality?  Why or why not?

Net neutrality is necessary to keep the freedom of use of Internet protocols, but on the other hand the abuse of bandwidth from SPAM traffic or DDoS attacks, for example, have to be inspected and regulated by ISPs to assure that network capacity is not misused.

What do you think of Microsoft’s decision to rebrand Lync as Skype for Business?

I think that this strategy is based on the fact that almost each user in the world that uses VoIP has at least a Skype account. So this will let Microsoft office users call other people that don’t belong to the company, VoIP to VoIP, very simple without complex configurations using the most standard VoIP client in the world.

But from the marketing point of view, I really don't think that is a good strategy because customers have positioned Skype as the free VoIP peer to peer client with paid services for pstn calls and other paid Skype services for small businesses. Rebranding Lync with Skype is going to be very confusing, especially for LATAM markets where Skype is synonymous of free calling.

What does the recent trend toward high-profile network breaches tell us about digital security and what both businesses and individuals are doing to protect their digital assets?

IT and Digital Security in some companies are not designed by experts, and they may have invested in Firewalls, IDS and IPS from the best vendors, but if there is not a well defined IT Security architecture within the organization and the particular configuration for the correct policies, sooner or later security breach is going to happen. To achieve a protected network for perimeter and internal attacks, companies have to invest not only in security devices, but also in the know-how of their security design team.

How is WebRTC enhancing communications today, and what is its potential in the longer term?

I'm very excited about WebRTC, I think that WebRTC is going to become the standard of the audio, video and collaboration platforms for the end user. The reason why WebRTC is being adopted very well is because the end user can start a video/audio session, no matter if he uses smartphone, laptop or a tablet, in a very simple way, just by clicking a link or a form on a browser. This new experience is going to change the way how contact center will attend customers for example or how corporations are going to share their Video conference infrastructure with customers, providers and partners.

HiperPBX is going to support WebRTC on its unified communication platform on Q2 2015.

How often do you use video for business communications? Why do you feel it is/is not helpful in your interactions?

In the last year, I used video WebRTC sessions to interact with customers and vendors, around 15 sessions per month. It's really quite helpful because you can watch expressions of the other person, reactions about questions you are asking, and when you have to show a document for example, you can share your desktop to make a presentation or a demonstration of a product.

How have technology innovations changed how you work in the past two years? What product had the greatest impact on your business?

I believe that all the things related to collaboration tools are the innovated technologies that changed how people work nowadays. In HiperPBX we work hard to enable day by day more collaboration tools and features to offer a company unified communication platform fully integrated with other standard office collaboration suites.

Has your business implemented a Unified Communications solution?  How has it changed the way you and your colleagues operate?

HiperPBX develops unified communication solutions so we use our own technology for our branch offices and partners along LATAM. We know very well that unified communications means you can call a partner or colleague within the organization at a very low or no cost, dialing an extension, no matter where the person is located. You can also have information about the presence or location of the person you want to call, you can also chat or send a message with the same UC client, you can receive the voicemail in your email account. HiperPBX also offers additional Unified Communication integrations with other areas, such as Security and Access Control, Industrial communications and Hospitality.

In terms of productivity, what is the most useful app you use on a regular basis?

Whatsapp / Email client / UC Client / Hangout

How useful can wearable technology be in the enterprise?

Nowadays, most apps for wearables devices are for personal use. May be some vertical market can use this technology in the enterprise, but I don't think that the vendors are going to direct these kinds of products to the corporate business.

Which is the best mobile device on the market currently? Why?

I believe that Samsung Android based mobiles are growing very fast in sales—you can see this behavior in LATAM market. Samsung has done excellent work with very good marketing and product decisions to direct their mobiles to different segments of the market. Another important thing is Android has seamless integration with Google APIs (google maps, calendar, gmail, etc) , the programming language is JAVA, a well known powerful language for most people,  and  developers easily can add rich apps in the play store. HiperPBX will focus the mobile development of apps on Android based smatphone and tablets.

Looking back at 2014, how would you characterize the change that has taken place in the technology landscape?

You can see amazing evolutions in different areas: Smartphones and Tablets, Unified communications, Office Collaboration tools, Cloud services, WebRTC.  The HiperPBX challenge is how to put all this technology ingredients together to offer the customers a real unified communication and collaboration experience.

What is the most interesting or exciting technology announcement or enhancement of the year?

WebRTC evolution is one of the most interesting.

What is one announcement or product you would like to see announced in 2015?

How HiperPBX can help the companies to improve the productivity using Unified Communications, Access Control, Videoconference, Office Collaboration tools and Industrial Communications under a fully integrated platform.

What are you looking forward to at ITEXPO Miami?

We are looking forward to show and teach the attendees how HiperPBX solutions impact business process using collaboration tools integrated into the organization’s unified communication systems.

For more on all the latest technology and trends happenings, be sure to register to attend ITEXPO, the business technology event that brings together service providers, enterprises, government agencies, resellers, vendors and developers to demo, discuss and network all the latest innovations changing the marketplace. ITEXPO is being held January 27-30, 2015, at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Florida.  Stay in touch with everything happening at the event -- follow us on Twitter.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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