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ITEXPO: Teliax Envisions IVY Covered World

December 30, 2014

2014 was a busy year in the tech space, from debates over net neutrality, to innovation in business communications and WebRTC. VP of Operations for Teliax, a global leader in voice solutions and services, Kerry Garrison took some time to share his take with TMC on the year that was, and expectations for the year to come. Hot off the heels of winning a best in show award at ITEXPO Las Vegas 2014, Teliax will be joining ITEXPO January 27-30 in Miami, Florida to show off its award-winning IVY Platform.

Does the U.S. need Net Neutrality?  Why or why not?

I believe we do need neutrality. While I understand the carriers that are opposed because services like NetFlix have put a burden on some networks, limiting access or charging more sets a bad precedent. People shouldn’t have to get double-billed for the content and the pipes that carry it.

What do you think of Microsoft’s decision to rebrand Lync as Skype for Business?

I simply don’t understand this move at all. Lync is a product, Skype is a service (and generally a free service). Rebranding Lync as Skype really devalues product. It is quite surprising how poorly Microsoft has managed their telecom products over the years (who remembers Response Point?).  If they can’t do it right, get out of that business.

What does the recent trend toward high-profile network breaches tell us about digital security and what both businesses and individuals are doing to protect their digital assets?

Companies have taken security for granted for too long. It simply boggles the mind that breaches such as Home Depot and Target have had such little effect on other businesses. If a huge company, with huge budgets, can have a major breach, why would you think that your business is safe?

How is WebRTC enhancing communications today, and what is its potential in the longer term?

As far as I can tell, WebRTC is having virtually zero market impact today. It’s a great buzzword and makes for a nice feature list bullet point, but we are seeing close to a zero adoption rate. People are not ready to change how they communicate. The desk phone is far from dead despite predictions of its demise for the past decade.

How often do you use video for business communications? Why do you feel it is/is not helpful in your interactions?

The only video we use is screencasts for training purposes. Since so few people have video capabilities, there is no need to attempt to use video for any normal communications.

How have technology innovations changed how you work in the past two years? What product had the greatest impact on your business?

The quality, size, speed, and capabilities of our smartphones has made is much easier to stay in constant communication and respond faster. Mobile network speeds have probably had the greatest impact on me personally as I pair to my phone for data connectivity back and forth on the train every day. With current network speeds, there is no difference than being in the office or at home.

In terms of productivity, what is the most useful app you use on a regular basis?

Real Racing 3 on the iPhone 6….although I bet you meant for increased productivity

Do you own and use a wearable tech product?  Which one and how has it impacted your life?

Nope, haven’t found a use for one yet

How useful can wearable technology be in the enterprise?

I haven’t seen a use yet in the enterprise

Which is the best mobile device on the market currently? Why?

I recently got my first IOS device. I just switched from only using Android to the iPhone 6. While there are a couple of things I miss from Android, the iPhone 6 is my favorite mobile device to date.

Looking back at 2014, how would you characterize the change that has taken place in the technology landscape?

2014 was a pretty boring year for technology.  Nothing very revolutionary, just updates to existing products.

What is the most interesting or exciting technology announcement or enhancement of the year?
The iPhone 6 was the most interesting to me. It finally got me to switch to IOS from Android.

What is one announcement or product you would like to see announced in 2015?

Apple showed off a concept of a true digital assistant back in the 80’s…..still waiting for it

What are you looking forward to at ITEXPO Miami?

I am really looking to see if there will be some interesting uses of WebRTC. While some companies have dabbled with it, it’s just a matter of time before someone creates the killer app that drives adoption.

Why should attendees make sure your booth is on their ITEXPO to do list?

Our IVY platform (Most Innovative Product at ITEXPO Las Vegas) has continued to evolve and is a “must have” service offering for resellers and integrators. We want to show people how they can make significantly more money using our platform than any competing product on the market.

For more on all the latest technology and trends happenings, be sure to register to attend ITEXPO, the business technology event that brings together service providers, enterprises, government agencies, resellers, vendors and developers to demo, discuss and network all the latest innovations changing the marketplace. ITEXPO is being held January 27-30, 2015, at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Florida.   Stay in touch with everything happening at the event -- follow us on Twitter

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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