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Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution Portfolio Now Includes VOSS UC Management Framework

October 07, 2014

VOSS-4-UC is a telecommunications service fulfillment management platform introduced by VOSS Solutions, designed specifically for next generation enterprise communications, in the public / private cloud. This solution is now part of version 10.1.1 of the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS), under the name CUCDM 10.1.1.

VOSS introduced VOSS-4-UC sometime last year, to offer  intuitive web portals, coupled with advanced automation, to transform the way that enterprise communications architectures are designed, deployed and operated.

This solution has been empowering service providers and large enterprises to unlock the benefits of UC in three fundamental areas. This platform also promises to lower the operating costs and enhances the adoption of UC services by removing complexity, accelerating delivery, and ensuring a highly consistent and therefore more easily maintainable platform.

In addition to Cisco, VOSS-4-UC for HCS 10.1.1 has been selected by other VOSS partners who will further distribute it to large multinational enterprises and government organizations.

Bill Dellara, VP Product at VOSS, commented, “Organizations are demanding more from their on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid communications platforms, so a new breed of UC management tool is required to manage the ever increasing complexity that surrounds those needs.”

Dellara pointed out that the availability of the revolutionary VOSS-4-UC architecture will provide customers with the agility to meet the emerging demands of next generation enterprise communications.

VOSS-4-UC is built to offer integrated, but modularized architecture that enables customers to design, build and deploy UC management environment as per their requirements. Customers can also select UC interface and component modules, to create a fully customized UC management solution, and only pay for what they need. Modules can easily be added, to add new services and evolve the architecture.

Also, VOSS-4-UC simplifies MACD administration by introducing multiple layers of decentralized administration.

Cisco has already introduced HCS 10.1.1 to the market to enable its customers to enjoy the newly architected VOSS-4-UC management platform (CUCDM 10.1.1), or the traditional CUCDM 8.X.

Edited by Maurice Nagle