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Skype and JacksGap Collaborate on 'Following Heart' Video Series

September 23, 2014

Skype has enlisted the help of an online blog and video firm called JacksGap to produce a three-part series called “Following Heart,” telling the stories of three different women around the world and how they use Skype to improve their livelihood. JacksGap is a small establishment run by two brothers, Finn and Jack Harries, who organize crews consisting of several other contributors on a project-by-project basis.

Skype first developed a relationship with JacksGap a year ago when they provided funding and support for a video series called “The Rickshaw Run,” noting the bloggers’ enthusiasm for travel and ability to tell people’s stories well. This evolved into a brainstorming session regarding how Skype could help them produce better content and reach a larger audience, which after a couple of weeks arrived at the “Following Heart” concept.

The first entry in the series will follow Danielle Turano, a professional violinist and teacher in New York City. Danielle relies heavily on Skype as a medium to reach out to students around the world and share the joys of learning music. The second story will shift to the Bahamas and focus on Jillian Morris, a marine biologist and underwater cinematographer. She’s popular in distant classrooms where she uses Skype to connect with students and teach them about sharks. The last episode will follow Leslie Watts, an artist from Ontario. Leslie paints with a classic renaissance technique, and often has her subjects pose over Skype, allowing her to completely take in the subject’s face and features.

This project is a fine example of a new style of marketing campaign that focuses on the company telling a story instead of just raising brand awareness. By collaborating with the innovative filmmakers at JacksGap, Skype can generate a down-to-earth, people-driven image that appeals to a wide consumer base. The company gains additional brownie points with many who are appreciative of the company’s choice to support up-and-coming filmmakers.

The first short film will be released on October 15 and the remaining two after four and eight week periods, respectively. More information about the project is available on both company’s websites as well as on Twitter under the hashtag #FollowingHeart.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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