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Top Five Tips and Tricks to Master Video Conference Meetings

September 19, 2014

As more and more companies are saving time and money by moving to video conference platforms, employees have to adapt to the virtual environment. There are a few things to take into consideration when implementing video conferencing in your office. Here are a few tips to make your video conference run smoothly:

1.Check your software and internet connection: Nothing is more stressful than trying to log in to your video conferencing software right before a meeting and seeing that it needs to be updated. Make sure your software is up to date with enough time before your meeting to fix the problem. Along with that, a video conference is only as good as the quality of the call; make sure your Wi-Fi is working properly so there are no connection issues during the meeting.

2.Consider your body language: It easy to forget that video conferencing is as formal as an in person meeting. While on a video call be aware of what your body language is projecting to your audience. Make sure you look engaged in the conversation and react appropriately- this means leaning forward to show you are listening and making eye contact while speaking.

3.Pick an appropriate location: The background of your video conference can have an effect on the way everyone in the meeting perceives you. A distracting location with people moving around in the background will take away from people’s focus on what you are saying. It’s always a good idea to pick a professional location that has little to no distractions to show your dedication to the video conference meeting.

4.Dress accordingly: Just like an in person meeting, you should dress as professionally as the situation calls for-this means tops and bottoms. Looking appropriate and respectful will go a long way in conveying your message.

5.Use headphones or good speakers: It is very frustrating to be involved in a video conference when one participant can’t hear properly. Before the conference begins double check that the audio quality is good enough for an entire meeting, if not make sure you have headphones or speakers on hand you can use.

Next time you have a video conference make sure you are fully prepared. Taking these little details into account will make a world of difference in future meetings running smoothly. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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