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UC Market to Grow to $78.5B by 2020

August 28, 2014

A recent report concerning the future of the unified communications market suggests that, as a whole, it will continue to rise through 2020. Various segments of this market will make their impact on businesses in different ways, and one news site suggests that videoconferencing, advanced telephony, and presence features will become prominent functions in the coming years and will define how businesses conduct their operations and how they interact with clients.

Grand View Research said recently in its unified communication market analysis that it expects the market to grow to $78.5 billion by 2020. It suggests that cloud-based systems are becoming more attractive than on-premise systems because of their flexibility, ease of maintenance, and speed. They can deliver products to customers on demand, and they can scale back operations as businesses utilize them less.

The report also points to Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific regions as having promise for growth. Asia Pacific, especially, is slated for development because many corporations there are using or transferring toward enhanced mobile systems.

The idea of mobilization leads back to the blog post at Broad Connect which explains the features of videoconferencing, advanced telephony, and presence within UC systems. Videoconferencing is becoming the go-to way of getting employees in various locations face to face. Platforms can host hundreds of people at once, and everyone involved can show their faces on screen as if they were at the office in person. This makes it possible for enterprises to let employees work outside the office when they need to and still be able to keep in touch as if they never left.

Advanced telephony offers a way for employees to keep in touch with their own information that only used to be available in person, in the office. Call forwarding is a driver of change here because it lets employees automatically transfer any calls originally directed to their office phones and have them ring to their mobile phones. Broad Connect suggest that this is one arena where "business never stops."

Finally, when considering keeping in touch, it is not always enough to know that employees can sometimes be reached by teleconferencing. Other employees may need to know the status and location of anyone they are trying to reach, and the presence feature of UC systems makes this possible. If a manager knows that an employees has two meetings in town, for instance, but that he is traveling between those meetings by car, the manager may know to contact the employee on his journey rather than the times when he is in the meetings. Presence offers all the necessary information to know when that person is in meeting or in a cab, and that can make all the difference in the world.

The Grand View Research report can be found here.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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