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July 26, 2014

Just halfway through 2014 and already unified communications (UC) has contributed a torrent of exciting news stories, product announcements, and edifying focus studies. So hop in, and let’s take a tour of the latest interest UC has to offer.

Early in the week, Laura Stotler gave us a much needed rundown of Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager.  While this solution is one of the most utilized UCs available, providing enterprises with a myriad of useful features, including video conferencing, telecom capabilities, and productivity and mobility features, its deployment and administration aspects leave the consumer base wanting.

 Both IT directors and telecom managers have been reported as finding Cisco’s solution too complex, and in an effort to remedy this, Akkadian Labs is offering a seamless interface for its management, all through the Web.  Read more on what Akkadian Labs is calling their Provisioning Manager Express here.

While it is apparent that setting up UC can sometimes prove a difficult task, TMC’s Susan Campbell highlights ‘why it’s worth considering’. Many companies now-a-days rely on legacy systems, which some have invested large amounts of capex into, and thus see little need to expand their communications platforms. With the right UC installed, companies perform such tasks as:

  • Sending faxes (e.g.) while digitally storing information, all remotely
  • Complete projects across multiple platforms through unified cloud storage
  • Seamless, one-touch email and phone contact

To learn more about UC, check out Intelepeer’s upcoming webinar on July 30th, entitled Don’t Miss Out on UC!.

One more thing worth mentioning this week is Grand View Research, Inc.’s recent study, as covered by Mini Swamy, estimating that the global UC market is set to hit $75.81 billion by 2020.  According the well-known market research firm, while North America will continue to lead the charge with over a third of the market share, Europe and the Asia-pacific region will demonstrate massive growth. To check out the whole article and get all the facts and figure strait from the horse’s mouth, click here.

For more on these or any other stories you may have missed, be sure to check out unified communications’s Unified Communications page.

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