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Provisioning Cisco's Unified Communications Manager Doesn't Have to Be a Challenge

July 22, 2014

Today’s unified communications systems offer a huge number of features, often taking the place of traditional telecom and telephony systems. But with that functionality and variety comes the complexity of deploying and managing these systems, which can often be costly and time consuming for IT departments and service providers.

Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager is one of the most popular UC offerings available, providing a host of features designed to facilitate enhanced communications and collaboration within the enterprise. The solution includes everything from video conferencing and telecom capabilities to productivity and mobility features. It may be scaled to serve up to 40,000 users and can be conveniently deployed in a public or private cloud model as well as on premises, remotely or in a hybrid configuration.

Deployment and management of the system can be extremely complex, creating headaches for everyone, from IT directors to telecom managers, to software resellers that are marketing the solution. Thankfully, tools are available to simplify provisioning of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and Akkadian Labs offers a streamlined interface for managing the system through the web.

The company’s Provisioning Manager Express enables users to add, modify and delete user configurations for Cisco’s UC offering through a simple web interface, and standardizes the entire process through templates. This is extremely useful for large deployments with thousands or even tens of thousands of users. The Akkadian offering is designed to provide cost and time savings for IT departments and service providers managing massive Cisco UC deployments.

Akkadian will be presenting a webinar on this topic, titled, “Learn How to Make Provisioning in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Simple”, on August 12 at 2 p.m. EDT. Company CTO, Tom Bamert, will be discussing the features of Akkadian’s offering as well as how it integrates with Cisco’s UC Manager. unified communications’s Peter Bernstein will be moderating the webinar, which will be presented through TMC.

According to Akkadian, the solution offers reduced administrative costs since help desk workers can handle the provisioning instead of higher level IT engineers. It also helps to efficiently manage employee and device administration as well as provision and update new and existing users through a drag and drop interface.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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