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IceWarp Simplifies Administration and Management of UC Environments

July 16, 2014

No one can deny the massive features afforded through Microsoft email and messaging solutions. But while users benefit from an array of communications and collaboration functionality, IT departments often struggle to manage, maintain and secure what can amount to a giant and complex infrastructure.

For those organizations that want the benefits of Microsoft solutions or perhaps a reliable alternative, IceWarp has the answer. The company, which has been involved in the UC and collaboration space for more than a decade, serves customers ranging from small businesses to data centers with several million users.

“Basically what IceWarp does is it’s a replacement for people who are running a cumbersome Microsoft environment that involves things like Exchange and Outlook,” said Ian Marshall, U.S. marketing director for IceWarp. The company offers its standalone IceWarp Mail Server 11.0.1, which is essentially a full-service UC solution. They also integrate with Microsoft Outlook via a plug-in to their server, making it much easier for Outlook to be managed and administered.

The company recently attended the WebRTC Expo in Atlanta and spoke with Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, about what differentiates their offerings in the UC space as well as their views about WebRTC as a component of larger UC offerings. According to Antonin Prukl, CTO of IceWarp, the company’s main differentiator is integrating UC functionality in one location, enabling simplified management and administration.

Their solution may be installed on premises for enterprise customers, but IceWarp also contracts with service provider customers who provide it through the cloud. The offering features dual anti-spam and anti-virus protection as well as a variety of add-on options like the IceWarp GroupWare Server, Instant Messaging Server, Text Messaging Server, mobile device synchronization and a unified WebClient interface. The company has a strong partnership with Cisco on the UC front and is also part of the Cisco Developer Network.      

In fact, IceWarp’s integration with Cisco involves using WebRTC as a messaging component. IceWarp had previously offered a plug-in for various browser services that enabled users to call each other. But according to Prukl, that has now been replaced by WebRTC, which is much easier to deploy and maintain.

IceWarp plans to expand its feature set with the addition of VoIP and an online conferencing component. The company expects to roll out an update with the new features some time in September.

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