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Next Gen Jamvee Promises to Take Collaboration to the Next Level

June 19, 2014

The nine-to-five work schedule is long gone. In the 14th year of the third millennium, an employee is expected to be available at the drop of a dime, be flexible enough to adapt himself to the toughest of deadline requirements and stay focused on his assignments round the clock.  This calls for round the clock collaboration with your colleagues, as well as the people outside of your organization. This can be achieved through the integration of business collaboration tools with corporate and end-user devices. Unified communication platforms such as jamvee can help the corporate pros stay on top of their projects and deliver their best while under the pressure of fast paced corporate culture. With collaborations increasing and companies shrinking the travel budgets for meeting and discussions, servicers like jamvee are gaining popularity.

Developed by Tata Communications, jamvee is built on Tata Communications' global tier 1 network. The company has recently released the latest version of jamvee. jamvee has been designed to help connect your device to any client software through a single platform, creating a secure, Unified Communications service. The platform makes intra and inter-company collaboration easier, keeping all the team members in sync with each other regarding the progress of a project. The platform allows for meeting and data-sharing in groups among the employees, suppliers and customers. It enables collaboration via any combination of audio, video or messaging across any device or through a browser.

Lack of interoperability between video, desktop sharing and collaboration tools often comes in the way of high level collaboration. The latest version of jamvee strives  to overcome this challenge by leveraging open APIs such as WebRTC. This will allow users to use the same enterprise grade clients use internally to communicate with external parties.

One of the best parts of this open-architecture platform, according to its makers, is that it is fully customizable. This creates a future proof foundation for Unified Communications infrastructure that allows for the addition of new UC features in support of future growth. Compatible to Microsoft Lync and Jabber, it does not call for a change in the existing client. Participants can collaborate via any device including mobile, computer, landline telephone or any combination of these.

The new generation of jamvee allows you to access these unified communication services via a browser. This means you can start using it immediately without having to download anything.

Embedded in your workflow, the new jamvee will enable a set of API that you can take and develop your own client, which would leverage Tata Communications’ backend network and global reach, the company reps pointed out.

“Delivering the ability to collaborate easily both internally and externally with customers and partners enables productivity improvements for businesses. Interoperability is key to this, and jamvee takes it to the next level,” president and CTO of Tata Communications, John Hayduk, noted in a statement.

Edited by Allison Sansone